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About us

KME Academy is a DIY Jewellery School founded in 2016 and wholly managed by Koi Ming Enterprise.

The school features unique contemporary DIY jewellery from professional trainers. Their works are all one of a kind and portrays their personality. The school aims to promote contemporary and innovative wearable-object as well as diy craft to the public. Jewellery workshops take place in the school for those who love to learn how to produce a unique piece of handmade jewellery by appointment. As of current, we hold weekly classes through out our 3 workshop locations strategically located in the island!


We value the importance of self-dependency. Therefore, it is our grit to equip every student the self-capability to work with passion and to learn with patience! 

Eye for detail

Our students will learn to lay out patterns, string beads, use jump rings, spirals, right-angle weaves, French wire transitions and knotted necklaces, Danish clusters, and forging heavy-gauge wires. Master these and other building blocks and their design possibilities become boundless.

Confidence building

Our trainers do not just impart invaluable skills to our students, we also nurture our student’s inner confidence and build their self-esteem by engaging them in fruitful and accomplishing crafting sessions  

Business Opportunity

Through our workshops, you will learn the basics of the business and might even work with your mentor to create your own unique line of jewelry complete with pictures, packaging, business cards, table displays, and an Etsy presence – all the elements you’ll need to launch your own successful jewelry business.

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